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 كتاب Telecommunications Planning and Management

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كتاب Telecommunications Planning and Management

Handbook of Research on Telecommunications Planning and Management for Business, 2-Volumes
Information Science Reference | English | 2009-03-16 | ISBN: 1605661945 | 1212 pages | PDF | 16,8 MB

Telecommunications Planning and Management has become increasingly important in this digital economy as significant implications for corporate strategies are constantly being developed. As these technologies continue to evolve and become key strategic assets in business organizations, researchers, higher education faculty, and practitioners are in great need of appropriate resources assisting their understanding of all aspects of Telecommunications Planning and management.

The Handbook of Research on Telecommunications Planning and Management for Business extends an excellent collection of original, in-depth, and innovative articles on Telecommunications policy, industry, management, technology development, design, and business applications. Providing researchers and practitioners with a state-of the-art reference for future research and practices on a wide range of topics including government regulations, diffusion of technology, and analysis of network operators, this Handbook of Research is a definite must-read for those in the Telecommunications field as well as non-specialists interested in telecommunications.

Key Features:
60 authoritative contributions by over 120 of the world’s leading experts on Telecommunications Planning and Management from 19 countries Comprehensive coverage of each specific topic, highlighting recent trends and describing the latest advances in the field More than 1,900 references to existing literature and research on Telecommunications Planning and Management A compendium of over 475 key terms with detailed definitions Organized by topic and indexed, making it a convenient method of reference for all IT/IS scholars and professionals Cross-referencing of key terms, figures, and information pertinent to Telecommunications Planning and Management FREE institution-wide access to the online version with the purchase of the print publication

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كتاب Telecommunications Planning and Management
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