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 E3-series 2008 v 7.20

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Volt Man

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E3-series 2008 v7.20
electrical control system design

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Features List
Due to the integrated nature of E³.series the following functionality is common to all modules.

True Windows® environment
Easy to learn and use
Standard Windows® installation
Runs in Windows® 2000, NT and XP
Single PC or network installation
Drop-down and object related menus
Intelligent "Drag & Drop" functionality
Intelligent "Copy & Paste" functionality
Dynamic Pan and Zoom
256 user definable layers per object type
Freely definable "intelligent" drawing sheet formats
Unlimited number of sheets per drawing
Unlimited number of open drawings
Add/insert sheet with automatic completion of Title Block, etc. Add/delete/insert sheets with automatic update of cross-references, sheet numbers, etc.
Global modification of sheet Title Blocks
Intelligent sheet format exchange
Sheets stored in user definable folders
Display multiple sheet Windows (cascade, tile, etc.)
Multiple views of same sheet ANSI, JIC, IEC, DIN, representation of drawings Metric & Imperial units
Freely definable components with customizable symbol dependencies
Symbols and Components stored in Microsoft® Access format database
Symbols and Components can be stored in any ODBC database
"Component Wizard" for easy component creation
Components stored in user definable "Explorer" like folders for easy navigation and location
User definable Component and Symbol search configuration
Powerful exchange capabilities for symbols and components
"Jump" functionality to selected or referenced object
Free definition of object attributes
Preview window displays selected component or symbol
Preview window displays zoomed area of sheet
Unlimited Undo and Redo
Powerful search and highlight capabilities for signals, texts, cross references, symbols and components
Customizable automatic "prompt to save" routines
Online, hypertext linked, help
Object-oriented user interface
Object-oriented data
Online cross-references for signals and components within drawing sheets
Bi-directional COM interface
Visual Basic Interface
OLE linking to other applications
Support for embedded documentation, e.g. Word and Excel documents
Customizable color representation of design environment (e.g. line diameter of connection lines, cable cross-sections, signal type, etc.)
Freely definable grid and text sizes, characters and line fonts
User definable "hot key" shortcuts Freely definable documentation (e.g. BOMs, Terminal Diagrams, From To Lists, etc.)
Generate report documentation in Excel, Word, Access and ASCII formats, or directly on a drawing sheet.
"Intelligent" Read, Write, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rotate, Mirror drawings and areas
Descriptive error messages
Continuous command feedback
Import/Export AutoCAD® DXF, DWG format files
Symbols exported as blocks and vice versa
Import/Export Eplan EXF format files
Import graphic images
Export intelligent Web format drawings in the latest ".SVG" format
Multi-language support (English, German, French….etc.)
Integration with PDM systems
Print and plot using supported Windows® drivers

E³.series Modules

... for the creation of control schematics, terminal plans, BOMs, & Wire Lists

... for the complete design of control panels, including layouts and wiring

... for the development of detailed wiring, cabling and harness designs, E³.series makes the process, fast, efficient and accurate.

... for the creation of nailboard displays required for producing wire and cable harnesses.

... for designing hydraulic, pneumatic, lubricating and cooling systems. With all the advantages of the object-oriented functionality of E³.series - as a stand-alone system or simultaneously with E³.schematic as an integrated system.

... for designing circuit boards. E³.logic speeds up electronic design by using proofed modules and placement variants.

... to allow users to distribute E³.series projects and data to other people and organizations.

... the intelligent E³.series Viewer for the integration in service systems. Desired functions can be executed in E³.viewPlus - adapted to the customers requirements.

... quickly and easily insert remarks into E³.series documents. Texts and graphical information can be imported into E³.series designs and reworked there.

... for the complete E³.series electrical control system design and documentation suite.

part 1 to 15
(size 44.444MB)
part 16
(size 28.596MB)
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Volt Man

السنة الدراسية :
  • الفرقة الثانية

عدد المساهمات : 92
تاريخ التسجيل : 30/07/2010
العمر : 29

مُساهمةموضوع: رد: E3-series 2008 v 7.20   الإثنين أغسطس 09, 2010 2:33 pm

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E3-series 2008 v 7.20
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